27 07 2009
After two-hour batttle, 636lb Pacific blue marlin brought in by First Mates Steven and Jamie, aboard Patty S. Skipper Captain Jim.

After two-hour batttle, 636lb Pacific blue marlin brought in by First Mates Steven and Jamie, aboard Patty S. Skipper Captain Jim.

For many big-game fishing enthusiasts, Hawaii is where mere “fishing tales” can turn into wall-mounting realities. It’s where you can take on thousand-pound marlins, hook up with yellow-fin tuna and, of course, share stories of the big ones that got away.

Sport fishing adventures are available on every Hawaiian island, but the best ones are found on the Kona Coast on the Big Island. The quality of the “big game” here, many experts agree, is simply unparalleled.

Thanks to its deep waters right outside the mouth of Honokohau Harbor and the looming volcanoes that block the winds, Kona is regarded as the big-game fishing capital of the world. Its history backs up the claim, as many International Game Fish Association records have been set in Kona. Here, it’s even possible to hook a “grander” (a Pacific blue marlin that weighs at least a thousand pounds).

There are three types of marlin roaming Hawaiian waters: black, blue and striped. Other fish to be caught here include ahi (yellow-fin tuna), ono (wahoo), mahimahi (dolphin fish) and other billfish. The striped marlin is considered a wintertime inhabitant, but the rest of the fish are year-round Hawaii residents.

There are about a hundred charter boats that operate out of Honokohau Harbor, which means you have a wide range of choices in terms of prices, lengths and departure times. Most charters offer half- and full-day adventures that can last anywhere from four to eight hours. Charter boats range in size from 25 to 58 feet.

Contact a charter boat association and ask for recommendations. They can help connect you with the fishing charter that best meets your needs and desires. Walk-up bookings are usually available, but advanced reservations are recommended. If you’re serious about catching fish, you should book a six- or eight-hour excursion. This will give the boat time to reach the major fishing grounds and spend time there.

Each year, Kona hosts the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament, known as the “grandfather” of big-game fishing tournaments. The event draws avid fishing enthusiasts from all around the world, including countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Finland, Germany, Canada, France, the Philippines and the mainland U.S.


Aloha Island Kona Coffee Company

28 05 2009

logo_best160Aloha Island Farms is the private Kona coffee plantation of Aloha Island Coffee Company. It is located near the village of Kealakekua in the famous Kona coffee-growing region on the Big Island of Hawaii, on the slopes of the volcano Mauna Loa.
Jim and Anita on their coffee plantation. Kona Coffee

The Kona coffee-growing region is admired by coffee experts throughout the world because of its ideal conditions for the production of Kona coffee. The volcanic soil, hot tropical sunshine, cool shade each afternoon, and rainfall that occurs during peak growing times, produces a coffee that is naturally low acid and has an exceptionally smooth texture.
The Kona Coffee of Aloha Island

Captain Cook Information

19 05 2009

Captain Cook Discovers Hawaii
Kayakers at Captain CookCaptain James Cook and his ships, the Resolution and Discovery, entered the sheltered waters of Kealakekua Bay (Pathway of the God) on the morning of Jan 17, 1779, during the height of a local religious festival.  Thinking Cook was a returning God, the Hawaiians welcomed and honored him.  Strife followed, and the Hawaiians realized that Cook and his crew were not immortal.  In the end, Cook was surrounded and killed at this very spot.  This monument is only approachable by rugged foot trail or by water.  The best way to reach this austere and beautiful spot is by kayak.  Launch your kayak from the Kealakekua wharf and paddle across the bay.  The water is clear and calm and the snorkeling and SCUBA diving at Captain Cook are unforgettable experiences.  If you are looking for a more relaxing way to reach Capt Cook, try the Hawaii Snorkel Cruise to Kealakekua.